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I feel bad for Skinny Lena (Laineybot). She has it worse than all the other girls that gurg was with before her because she's the one that has a baby for him. She'll always have a connection with him. At least the other girls just left and went on with their lives. Skinny Lena will probably spend the rest of her son's childhood chasing Greg down for child support after they split.
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Why is Lainey being nice to her "fans" all of a sudden?

Maybe she goes through this blog and sees the criticism.

Putting this link here because others have been putting their opinions on why.

- NB

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I think it's pretty obvious that Lainey fangurled Onion into a relationship. She's said her longest relationship prior to Onion was 3 1/2 years long (they started when she was 14/15 LOL)- so she's dated TWO PEOPLE in a semi-serious capacity. This girl doesn't know what an adult relationship is and probably has limited understanding of love between partners.
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After reading about how much she obsessed over Greg amongst other people and leaving her ex so fast makes me question if she really loves him or its just an infatuation; a fangirls dream come true. Despite Greg's actions in the past, I would feel bad if shes just using him for fame. Everyone deserves some true love, even people who have made mistakes.
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Hi Lainey, would you ever consider having a po box for people to send you stuff coz your birthdays coming up soon and your the best so I would love to send you a birthday prezzy because I love you ❤️❤️❤️


I have not :P



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What does her 27 tattoo stand for?




Laineybot says that they were dating February 27th.

Note: I screenshot this but I was in tinychat chatting away so…

And then there was this reblog about March 27th.

Something about dating.

- NB

The girl everyone wants to protect is a liar, 01/13/2012:image


Explain all this then Lainey. YOU asked HIM to marry you on March 27th. In Jan you said you were thinking of asking him….asking a complete stranger to marry you in JAN when you KNEW he was still with Shiloh. So were you two talking before Jan or do you always ask strangers to marry you?

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If lainey and gurg are lying about their wedding and when they started their relationship... Wouldn't that mean their tattoos are meaningless...?
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Just thought I'd mention that Lainey said she had baby fever before getting pregnant, and is claiming to have that same baby fever now. Oh god, someone get them some birth control please...
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If gerg was half the "responsible" man he claims to be, he wouldn't have gotten a naive 18 year old pregnant. Just for the sake of himself because his time is running out, he is almost 30. But she had a long time to go before settling down.... So many missed opportunities. He is a selfish bastard. "But condoms dont feel as good" boo hoo, greg, neither does having an std or giving birth. He is such an awful, SELFISH, old man.
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When Gerg emotionally abuses you, do you ever think to yourself "Aw shit nigga, I made a mistake marrying this dude who likes little 17 year olds"? Or do you just take it and then claim to hate being on camera whilst taking a selfie for Instagram?


Just gonna leave this here.