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I feel like the reason he calls her laniey not Taylor is for more control over her. It's a common practice for controling partners to take away the victims identity and try to change them wether it be making them change their appearance, their name, make them cut ties with family, ect. It's just another form of control that is so so often overlooked.

Yeah, that’s what a lot of us think. What’s creepy is that their own fans don’t know her actual name when Selena Murray has already stated that she finds the name “Lainey” weird, having always known Laineybot as “Taylor.”

"Laineybot" was originally "Laineybug," and she was copying Shane Dawson’s girlfriend, Lisabug. This, combined with the confirmed fact that Laineybot was tweeting multiple celebrities obsessively in order to get their amorous attentions, seems to indicate an unhealthy level of obsession with celebrity and a desire for fame.

elf-tower asked:

While I typically find your videos on Onision informative and very telling, this most recent video (the hypocrisy one) seemed like it was only put out because there's a slight lull in the drama that encircles him. Sure, if she's attending a Christian-based school and he's against Christianity, it's pretty shitty to put money into it. However, if she chose the school herself (based on its program), then is it really THAT big a deal? It just seems like a reach to me.

d0ntstandsoclosetome answered:

I don’t think it’s that much of a big deal either. It’s just something I think people should know. And if Laineybot did choose the school, it makes no difference because Onision is paying for it. He tells people to not support something that he supports financially. It is still hypocrisy regardless of the subject.

And I should publicly name the school and send an email to them with links to Onision’s video and mine showing them what one of your students spouses thinks of their religion.

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Hi! I'm recently 16 but I want to move out by the time of 18 and in getting nervous about going to college and having a job at the same time and still Time to manage relationships.

Um, we aren’t the correct people to be talking to about something like that, hun.


I want to see if I can answer this.

Hello! I am currently 17 and I also worry about going to college. You do not have to move out when you turn 18. I suggest working for maybe a year or two to build experience. I would also suggest going to college first before finding and buying a house. That way you do not have to worry about losing money. For relationships, I’m not really the person you should go to when talking about that.

- NB

MY one true pairing will always be EOnision.


Since I don’t believe in the concept of “shipping,” I choose to mock it by pairing Onision with the bane of his (pathetic excuse for a) life, EOLivesOn. I far prefer this pairing to Graylor (or “Grainey,” for you bananas). We all know that Onision will always be in deeper love with EOLivesOn than with any other love that he has ever had and will ever have. After all, EOLivesOn has always given him more attention than any other love interest of his has ever and will ever.