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foods dangerous to dogs:

  1. avocadoes
  2. alcohol
  3. raw bread dough
  4. caffeine
  5. chocolate
  6. grapes and raisins
  7. onions and garlic
  8. macadamia nuts
  9. raw salmon
  10. xylitol (artificial sweeteners)

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Anonymous asked
I'm the person who said Greg sexually assaulted me, I deleted the post and my account because I received anonymous threats and it became a lot to handle in such a short amount of time. I should have expected it. But I still stand by what I said as being true and I'm sorry I don't have more proof. I don't know who else I can tell. I don't think the police would do anything. Sorry again. I made a mess of things. I just wanted to speak out and it kind of back fired in ways I didn't expect. Sorry...



I’ll post this in the tag for everyone else to see. It’s alright, annon, don’t fret.

Thank you for messaging me, annon, I appreciate it.

And annon threats are shitty and I do not condone them toward anyone, so bananas (which I’m assuming where it mostly came from) and Anti-Os alike, if you send someone threats, I will have no problem reporting you if I find out you’re continuing this sort of behavior.

Anon, please realize that some of us WANT to believe you but need to cast reasonable doubt here. If we get too swept up in hearsays and rumors it detracts from the hard facts we have now.

The anon threats were going to come, that’s why you make either a sock puppet or another blog for it. I’ve seen other people run themselves off because of anon threats from Bananas. But YOU don’t need to hide because the Bananas are little more then children.


Common Sense





If you or someone you know is a victim of a crime, you should take whatever evidence you have and go immediately to the police.

Tumblr is not the police.
Facebook is not the police.
The police are the police.

I see a lot of people accusing various other people of a number of crimes on their blogs/social network pages & it just doesn’t make sense.

Be smart, tell the truth & take care of each other.

Except you don’t know how the law works thus eliminating your common sense argument. Anyway, you’re a rapist so…yeah. I’ll happily got to court for “slander”.

Also ignoring the reality that the police can only do so much after a certain window of time and many people feel they are re-victimized and looked down up when reporting crimes. There’s a lot of reasons why people don’t feel comfortable talking to the police and he just overlooks it in favor of seeming more knowledgeable and reasonable.

No, no, see, it’s simple in his mind:
Just stop.

Just just it. Depressed? Just stop, it doesn’t matter if it is a complex neurological issue or emotional trauma. Just stop.

Eat disorders? Just stop. Eat the food. Stop eating the food. Doesn’t matter. Just stop.

Victim of sexual assault? just stop being a victim. Just go against every psychological barrier that holds you back and just stop.

"JUST STOP" by Onision

Take Your Writing to Work: How CPS Actually Works


There are some pervasive myths about Child Protective Services that I hear all the time but that are patently untrue.

1 - CPS’s goal is to break up families. FALSE. Much of child welfare law is governed under the Marshall Act and is federally mandated. The primary goal of CPS is to keep a family together or, if the family is broken apart, to restore it to its configuration prior to CPS involvement.

2 - CPS workers get a massive monetary bonus every time they remove a child from her family. FALSE. Social workers are not awarded ridiculous sums of money by the state for removing children from their homes. As noted above, the goal is to keep families together, and giving CPS workers cash incentives to break up families is antithetical to that federally mandated goal.

3 - Kids get to decide where they live. FALSE. The older kids are, the more their opinions factor into where their team decides they are placed, but they do not have the final say in where they go to live. That decision lies with the juvenile court judge. Kids 12 and over cannot be adopted without their consent.

4 - All foster homes are nightmarish places where kids are abused. FALSE. Foster parents must be trained and licensed by the state before they can take on foster children. Some foster parents are relatives who receive emergency foster parent training so they can take on a child. However, rather than taking custody and guardianship of the child, the child remains in state custody so the child has access to more social services benefits. Some foster parents, like regular parents, end up being abusive, but it’s not nearly as pervasive as it’s made out to be on television. Now, foster parents are more likely to ask for a child to be removed from their home than regular parents are; if a kid isn’t theirs, the foster parents may not be as dedicated to helping the kid, especially if the foster kid puts their natural-born kids at risk. CPS prefers to place kids with relatives because relatives are more invested in the kid and less likely to give up on a “problem” child. Studies show that children placed with relatives do better in school and are less likely to end up prison.

5 - Foster parents just take kids on to make oodles of money off the state. FALSE. It’s true, foster parents receive some money from the state for taking on a kid who isn’t theirs because they do incur an additional financial  burden, but the amount of money they receive is essentially child support the parent pays to the government that the government then sends to the foster parent. If the parents are poor, they pay little, and the foster parent therefore receives little. Being a foster parent is not career-making. Also, foster parents have responsibilities regular parents don’t have, like regular team meetings, regular court hearings, and taking their foster kids to any social services appointments (counseling, therapy, substance abuse treatment).

6 - CPS and the courts assume moms are better parents. FALSE. Often services are directed toward mothers because they are the primary caregivers to whom the children have attached. However, if a mother does not engage in her service plan but a father is a better parent, then the children will most likely end up with him. Since it is CPS’s goal to reunite a family into its original configuration prior to CPS involvement, if the kids were with the mother prior to removal, CPS will focus on returning the kids to her.

7 - Families only get involved with CPS for abuse. FALSE. Sometimes if a child is severely disabled and the parents are unable to cope, CPS will step in to help the family find services to help them cope with the child and to give the child the help she needs. Children who are delinquent can also get involved with CPS even if their parents have committed no wrongdoing (i.e. the child is considered “ungovernable”). Children who abuse other children in the home are removed to keep the other children safe and to receive treatment so they can return home safely. Oftentimes the parents are not “bad people”. (Anyone who’s ever read YA fiction should know teenagers are capable of getting into all kinds of world-altering shenanigans without their parents knowing.)

8 - Only poor/minority families get involved with CPS. FALSE. Sort of. Some research has shown that there is a systemic bias toward minority families being reported to CPS more often, e.g. when a kid comes to the hospital with a suspicious injury, medical staff will believe a white parent’s explanation but be suspicious of a minority parent’s explanation. (In the study, the children tested had the same injuries and the parents gave the same excuses, but minority families were reported to CPS more often.) So if more minority families are involved with CPS, it’s not because minority families are worse but because they get reported more. CPS only gets involved if someone makes a report. Teachers and certain other professionals are “mandatory reporters”, i.e. if they suspect child abuse they are required to report it. Neighbors, on the other hand, are (legally, if not morally) free to ignore child abuse.

Being poor does not automatically make one a bad parent. However, certain factors that contribute to poverty - mental illness, substance abuse - often contribute to poor parenting, and then CPS becomes involved. “Poor” parents are no more likely to have CPS called on them for severe physical abuse than are “rich” parents. 

9 - Social workers run your life when CPS gets involved. FALSE. Since a CPS social worker is the person who has the most regular contact with a family, her opinions, observations, and suggestions are given a lot of weight. However, social workers are not solely responsible for the fate of a family. In fact, each family as a child and family team, which is comprised of the social worker, the attorney general from the state who represents CPS in court, any attorneys for any parents, attorneys for the children (including guardians ad litem), any friends or relatives who are involved with caring for the children, therapists, counselors, religious leaders, school officials (many school districts have their own team of social workers to deal with habitual truancy), and of course the children themselves (assuming they’re verbal). The team meets about every four weeks, discusses progress, makes suggestions and changes to further progress, and then reports to the court. Decisions about the family’s fate rest with the judge, but the judge leaves much of the daily operations with the child and family team. If a parent wants something changed (more visitation, for the child to move in with her) the entire team must agree upon the change. CPS must balance what is best for the parents against what is in the best interests of the children. Guardians ad litem advocate for the best interests of the child. Parental defense attorneys advocate for what is best for the parent.

10 - Kids who get adopted never see their parents again. FALSE. More and more, open adoptions are becoming popular so parents can have contact with their kids even after the kids are adopted. Some states have legal mechanisms in place guaranteeing some form of contact between parent and child even after adoption.

Have any more questions about how CPS works? Talk to a social worker in your area, or feel free to drop me a line.



You know, if Onion wants to continue with the intro warnings trying to spare himself from criticism then perhaps his videos should be age gated - assuming they’re not, already. Then again, if they were age gated he’d have flipped a massive shit by now so it’s safe to assume they’re not.

If he wants to remain a bully on the internet and try and conceal himself from the criticism then maybe we should help him out a bit - conceal his videos from as many minors as possible. Which would make up 90% of his fanbase.

If you are looking to monetize your video, please review our policies as age-restricted videos will not be eligible for monetization and will also not be shown in certain sections of YouTube.”

From Youtube’s help center. 


Anonymous asked
I'm the person who said Greg sexually assaulted me, I deleted the post and my account because I received anonymous threats and it became a lot to handle in such a short amount of time. I should have expected it. But I still stand by what I said as being true and I'm sorry I don't have more proof. I don't know who else I can tell. I don't think the police would do anything. Sorry again. I made a mess of things. I just wanted to speak out and it kind of back fired in ways I didn't expect. Sorry...



I’ll post this in the tag for everyone else to see. It’s alright, annon, don’t fret.

Thank you for messaging me, annon, I appreciate it.

And annon threats are shitty and I do not condone them toward anyone, so bananas (which I’m assuming where it mostly came from) and Anti-Os alike, if you send someone threats, I will have no problem reporting you if I find out you’re continuing this sort of behavior.

Threats on anon are really fucking cowardly. I’m sorry that happened at all.

Onision Getting Divorced Again!?




There’s a lot of theories going around that onision and his wife are splitting up because lainey has been off twitter for over a week and changed her cover photo from her and Greg to her dog.”


Did you ever think that maybe she stopped posting because of paranoid/freaky people obsessing over her every move?

…you know, like this shit for example?

Welcome to the public eye. Don’t like it? Get the fuck out. Who even wants you here?

No she’s hiding because even some of her fans couldn’t believe how she back stabbed her sister. You couldn’t delete the post Lainey after BOASTING that you had control of his accounts and passwords?

Of course you didn’t as you love money more than family.






The Waitressing Chronicles: Wherein Dani does not refill your soda 20 times just because she thinks it’s SO MUCH FUN.

Tonight was one of the worst kinds of nights you can have in the restaurant industry. It was a pretty busy Saturday night, the kitchen was running smoothly, my coworkers and I were coexisting peacefully, and 99% of my tables were awesome, and I really had fun serving them. (Yes, I did say ‘worst’. I’m getting to that part, hold on….).

Some of them were a little needy, but after you’ve served for a few years, you start developing a sort of spidy-sense about which guests are going to require 30 diet coke refills, 5 servings of chips and salsa and roughly 2 gallons of ranch before they even crack there menus open (seriously…I think some people have such an addiction to ranch, that if it isn’t constantly on their table, regardless of the presence of any other actual food, they start to develop anxiety. Some people need to carry around EPI pens in case of emergency….I carry around ranch dressing. You’re welcome), so I was prepared. Even my needy tables didn’t rattle me too much this evening.

Generally speaking, all of the components necessary for a pretty kick-ass shift were present and accounted for.

And then my tables started cashing out. 10%tip, 5% tip, no tip, no tip, 10%….20%, FINALLY! Oh…wait…they didn’t do their math correctly, that’s actually only a $2 tip. Wonderful.

My enthusiasm for my job and my shift plummeted rapidly and I was ready to stuff my hot towel in my apron and go home faster than the cheapskate at table 7 could say “Keep the Change” as he handed me $40 for his $38.64 tab.

Some people just genuinely don’t know any better, and I recognize that. Sometimes I’m a little off my game, and I fully own up to that as well. But tonight was not one of those nights. I was on point…and I’m good at what I do.

So let me deviate a little bit from my normal Chronicling to give something of a PSA on behalf of waitstaff everywhere.

80% of servers make under minimum wage. This is a fact. A miserable, lamentable fact. The hourly wages that our employers provide are essentially just so that the government has something to take as far as immediate taxes on our tip money, and we don’t get slammed with having to pay it all back at once in April. Our “paychecks”, therefore, are usually somewhere in the neighborhood of $30. If that. It’s a pretty crummy system, and believe me when I say that we’d probably rather be making a steady and reliable hourly wage instead of depending on tips, but unfortunately that’s not the society we live in.

So. Your tip. How much do you tip, and who gets it?

A lot of that depends on the restaurant you’re in. Look around you. Do you see hosts and hostesses? Is there a bartender? A busser? If any/all of these people are present, rest assured that your server does not get to keep all of their tips.

We “tip out” to all of the other support staff (busser, host, QA expo, bartender, etc.) at the end of every shift. The amount of money we tip out to these staff is determined, not by how much money we make, but by how much we’ve sold. For example, at Chilis, I tip out 3% of my total sales at the end of the night. (So if I sold $100 worth of food and drinks, my tip out would be $3. Last night, I had $1100 in sales, and had to leave behind $33).

What does this mean? This means, that if you don’t leave a tip, or only leave $1 or $2 (assuming your total tab wasn’t $10.) your server actually loses money on your table. We still have to pay taxes and tip out based on the amount of food YOU ordered, not to mention that you sat there, and took up one of my tables for 2 hours, which I could easily have flipped twice in that time had you not felt the need to camp out and then leave me $2 (I’M TALKING TO YOU, TABLE 36.)

It pretty much boils down to this: a 10% tip is the bare minimum. It means mediocre service, and relates a relatively neutral - bordering on negative message to your server about how they did their job.  15% indicates that you’re content and happy, and your server was proficient at taking care of you. 20% is excellent. Excellent food, excellent service, excellent everything. That’s how we read your tips.

Also, you can basically write whatever you want in the tip line. If your total bill was $45.67, and you write in a $5,000 tip, and then write “$45.67” on the total line, and sign it…..guess how much I’m authorized to charge your card for? That’s right. $45.67. So please (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) double check your math when you’re totaling out your bill. I lost no less than $27 in tips last night simply because people couldn’t Math correctly.  Perhaps ranch dressing in excess has an adverse affect on people’s ability to do basic arithmetic. Or perhaps it’s a complication of margarita-induced brain freezes. Either way. It sucks. Please don’t suck.

Tipping is not optional, and it is not a privilege for the server. Back in the day, it probably was, but unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. When you sit down at a restaurant there is an unspoken understanding between you and your server. It’s their responsibility to make sure you have a stellar, enjoyable and relaxing meal, and it’s your responsibility to make sure they can afford to pay their rent. And before you start in on me (because I can hear the rumbling of offended restaurant goers from here, like distant thunder…calm yourselves, beasts!) about how entitled you are to not-tip, let me tell you now, honey child, I’ve heard every retort in the book.

"Your restaurant should pay you better, that’s not my fault" - Well. Yes. I agree. But they don’t. So it sucks for both of us. But until it’s announced that tipping is no longer needed in the service industry, the burden of determining my “paycheck”falls on you Trust me, I’m not happy about it either.

"You should just be happy that I left anything at all." - If your tip was in addition to the $10/hr my restaurant was paying me, you bet your left shoe I’d be happy for any little bit you wanted to throw my way. But they don’t. And I know you know that, faithful restaurant eater. So when you walk out, leaving me $3 after having waited on your family of 6’s $130 meal, I’m going to interpret that as a direct and intentional personal insult. You may have thought you were coming out on top by not leaving the appropriate $13-$26 that your bill merited, but really now you’re just a dick. And I can promise you that every server who was working that night will know about it. Good luck getting chipper service next time you try to come to our restaurant. We remember.

"Tips are dependent upon how well you do. That’s what TIPS means. ‘To Insure Proper Service." - I almost don’t even want to respond to this one, but unfortunately it’s a very popular notion. First off, lemme just lay it out there that if you believe this, you’re a dumbass. For multiple reasons. If that acronym was in fact true, they would be called “teps” (to…ENSURE….proper service. English, for the win!) and you would give them to be at the beginning on the meal. Because that’s what “to ensure proper service” implies. How comfortable would you be if you had to tip your server at the beginning of the meal, knowing full well that you had to sit there for the next 45 - 60 minutes facing the person you just handed $2 as you ask for 3 more sides of Barbeque sauce, a 5th coke and some ranch.(Just because of reasons. Everyone needs ranch. ) You’d probably be a little uncomfortable, wouldn’t you? You’d probably shell out a lot more were that the case, wouldn’t you? How great is it for you that you get to demand special ordered food and request exactly 45 napkins one at a time from your server and then immediately slip away into the night after leaving your server $1.63. You’re such a champ, a real stand-up type of person. I hope your kids leave legos in the hallway tonight, and you step on three of them as you stumble to the bathroom at 3am.

"Why don’t you just get a real job. You’re choosing this lifestyle" - Whoa buddy, whoa. Did you really just say that to me? Let’s rewind this a little bit. I’m on my feet, running, squatting, lifting trays, clearing dishes, entertaining table after table, pretending to love being regaled by the intricacies of your oh-so-fascinating life and reassuring you that your baby IS the most adorable baby I’ve ever seen for 6-10 hours a day. Usually, unless I have time to take a bathroom break (please note that I didn’t say “need” to take a bathroom break. If. I. Have. Time.) , the first time I get to sit down after walking through those doors and clocking in is when I get back in my car to go home at the end of the night. Someone please tell me how that’s not a “real” job? Or how it’s any less “real” than your 9-5 office job? I bet that desk chair does a real number on your lower back. Your office manager should really look into providing you with the lumbar support you deserve. Please, tell me more about it as I stand at your table side balancing 30lbs of dishes on one hand that you seem to be oblivious to, as you continue to complain about your cushy job.

   You have a valid point though, in that I did choose this job. For me, personally, I know that waiting tables is only temporary. The tips I earn go towards food, gas, insurance, cell phone, car payments, my gym membership, student loans, text books and other basic life-needs (shampoo is expensive ommgggg). I’m also trying to save up so I can afford to move to New York after I finish my Master’s Degree. I’ve got a lot on my plate, but not nearly as much as some of the other wonderful people I work with. Take, for example, the 20 year old single mother of 2 who was in the section next to mine last night. I’m not sure if she finished high school or not, but her kids are her life now. She started waiting tables at 16 so that she could afford to buy diapers and formula every night before she went home. Waiting tables isn’t just her “get me through school” job. It’s her career. It’s how she feeds her kids. So go ahead, leave her no tip on your $120 check, table 23. I hope that pasta you inhaled gives you heartburn. And she’s not the only one. Every single server in any restaurant you eat in is at your mercy to provide for themselves and their family. That is the responsibility you sign up for when you walk into a dine-in restaurant. It is an unfortunate part of American culture.

Don’t like it? Go to a drive-through. That’s what they’re there for. Better yet….stay home. Cook for yourself.

If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat out. I know that sounds harsh, but it’s completely true.

Thank you to those of you who are awesome. Awesome people and fun tables actually make this a pretty kickass job a lot of the time. Keep up the awesome. If you doubt your level of restaurant awesome, never fear! It’s totally something you can build up over time, kind of like distance running or heavy lifting. Baby steps. You’ll get there.

If you can’t afford to tip don’t go out to eat. This is simple. 10 dollars is usually my minimum. People think that’s too high, I think they’re too fucking cheap. We all know 10 dollars isn’t shit, and I think if a person took about 1 hr to serve me food and cater to me they deserve some damn money for it. Just seriously, tip your servers! My friend literally won’t tip at all, she finds something to bitch about and then will harass the server and whatnot. Needless to say I don’t go out with her ever.

This was really fuckin informative!! I always tip but I never know how much to tip! 

If you can’t afford to tip, don’t go out to eat!!

If I go to a sit-down restaurant I usually intend to leave around 20%, which seems to be becoming more the standard these days. If I tip less than 15%, the server (and specifically the server, don’t penalize them for things that aren’t their fault) must have messed up noticeably. A 0.00 on the tip line on a credit card slip is only ok if you’re tipping with cash.


I think y’all should send your anon hate here instead of Laineybot drama.
P.S. Gargamel’s body looks sick and unhealthy.
- Nebby


I think y’all should send your anon hate here instead of Laineybot drama.

P.S. Gargamel’s body looks sick and unhealthy.

- Nebby

Anonymous asked
People in abusive relationships often don't want the help, it doesn't make the relationship any less abusive. We need to be careful in the way we critique her because shaming someone for not being able to leave an abusive relationship is really shitty.
Anonymous asked
Most of what that Ramos guy said was stupid but I love it at the end when he fliped onisions own philosophy onto him.


I can see why Taylor developed a fondness for Ramos.










the person that claimed to be sexually assaulted deleted their tumblr when i asked for proof

lol i told you guys it didnt happen

Dont tell me that i got duped for the millionth time…

That depends.

Well, it’s pretty easy to take a stone,…

Nah man. You didn’t.
It’s fine, because a lot of people believed stories like this. We won’t know if it’s true or not - and at this point it’s hearsay.

What we need to remember is Greg’s M/O: he’s a manipulator - NOT a physical assaulter.

Being skeptical of that claim was fine, but the fact that the post, and the account that created that post, is now gone does not prove that it was all fabricated. There would have been no way to verify the claim one way or the other given the story states a timeline that is now years past, and that any physical evidence would’ve been on her persons and is now fully healed up. No trace would’ve been found, so I don’t know what OP would’ve expected as “proof” for the claim?

It’s one of those instances where if you believed it you weren’t wrong to - it was a convincing enough sounding story. The fact that the person who posted it is anonymous and no longer stands behind those words doesn’t prove that it didn’t happen - it’s just proof that the post no longer exists. That’s all.


the story wasn’t that convincing tbh, who would assault someone in a public place? the story had so many inconsistencies and you guys are so foolish to believe anything and you it as evidence to try and make him get in trouble. 

Firstly, it isn’t inconceivable for someone to be assaulted in a public place. An assault doesn’t have a time or a place - it doesn’t just happen in the shade of shadows or away from public view. Should I point you to the Ray Rice incident as a solid example?

Secondly, even if this story turned out to be false - it cannot be confirmed one way or the other - it still doesn’t matter to the grand scheme of why Onion is a slimy cunt.

Huge case in point: he’s a rapist. What he did to AJ was, under the legal definition, rape. He can deny it all he likes, but there is enough evidence to suggest that her recounting of their meet-up is accurate and true, that what he did to her was physically coerce her to have sex with him against her will. Most of this evidence used to support the claim that he’s a rapist comes from him - his video “A Horrible Rebound" takes to slut shaming her and mocking her for feeling like she could be pressured into having sex instead of arguing that she resisted at all. But despite this, he still has fans who refuse to acknowledge that, at the very least, he slandered her character as a means to bully and harass her for failing to do as he wanted.

So with that in mind - it’s not as unlikely that he could have assaulted someone in a public area around the time of his break-up with AJ. It was already confirmed through Shiloh that at that time Onion was bouncing around trying to hook up with anyone, contacting AJ, Skye, and even herself. It’s also known that it was likely around this time that he first started contacting Lainey in private.

But, there isn’t enough evidence to truly believe that he actually assaulted anyone in public. The likelihood of it happening is real, but there is no way to determine if the specific charge is accurate.

Again, just because the post is gone doesn’t mean that it’s evidence that the charge was fabricated, it only serves as evidence that the post no longer exists. The fact that no evidence could be produced to support the claim aligns up with what was stated in the post - any evidence would have been physical, and would have healed by now given the timeline established. There are no other witnesses to come forward and testify that the account is accurate, as the original poster stated they were at the store alone. There would have been no way to truly verify the claim - but the default that it was fabricated is a leap in faith in which holds no true justification - because how do you verify that the story was made-up? How do you go about proving that claim?

All one can conclude is that it may have happened, but there is no real way of ever knowing.

Anonymous asked
he tweeted about having an amazing wife, food, house or whatever but he never said anything about the baby. its like to him troy doesn't exist