She just can’t tell the truth. She’s just like her husband, a big fat liar who always contradicts themselves. 

Things you are going to find out in life:

People are going to dislike you, but act like an adult and ask questions. It is not like this person was leaving an ask to die in a fire or to eat a bag of dicks. A lot of people dislike me, but if they have questions, I may have answers… Why?

Maturity rules.

You literally created your own drama. Congrats. Here is a cookie.

This is bullshit because I asked her on instagram:
“Why the fuck is Greg making his pregnant wife sleep on the floor”
and she got very fucking shitty about it.
She replies to every single one

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Anonymous asked:

I wonder why it's so important to Lainey for us to believe she almost died giving birth to Troy. Whether it's true or not, it doesn't make her a better person regardless. So even in the public eye it shouldn't be a big deal.

cult-of-fuck-fuck answered:


If it’s not done dramatically, then it’s not spectacular. It couldn’t just be “I had some complications but in the end I gave birth to an amazing, beautiful little boy and everyone is fine.” It had to be, “I almost died. He almost died. WE BOTH ALMOST DIED.”

Honestly I think those lyrics slipped by Lainey- she had no idea what Greggles was going to write and is now just dealing with the backlash. Maybe that’s giving her too much credit but I’m feeling empathetic tonight and want to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Taylor, you are not being harassed simply because people doubt your story about nearly dying in the hospital room. Drop the victim complex. When you make such sweeping claims in front of one million people, you invite intense public scrutiny and the skepticism that comes with it. For someone who cries about other people invading your privacy, neither you (nor your sister) has any sense of it, at least judging by how you two behave. Why don’t you keep your word from now on? (BTW, would you make sure that your sister sees this message too?)

Anonymous asked:

Tbh, I don't think Lainey is lying about her heart almost giving out during delivery. Her heart was beating at 2.5x's the appropriate resting rate for her age, and any time the heart beats at a rate of over 200 bpm, especially for an extended period of time, it's considered dangerous. The heart stops pumping efficiently and could cause spontaneous cardiac arrest. As none of us are doctors, I think it's wrong to completely discredit her on the subject. We will never know what happened for sure.

eoliveson answered:

From a lady who has two children and has had her heart beat about that high I call bullshit.

No, I’m not a doctor, but we all know they both can’t help to spew shit and exaggerate any form of the truth.

On the 28th, for my pregnancy check up, I will double ask my doctor. The same doctor who delivered both my kids. I shall let the world know then.

Until then…do not believe an once of what either say.

Anonymous asked:

It just pisses me the fuck off that he pretends to be such a loving person yet sexualizes these young girls instead of his wife. On the rare occasions he's shown his real wife in videos its been in a way that shows her stretched post-child stomach. If he really thought so highly of his wife why isn't it her in these videos? Why does he just continue to throw her under the bus and put her in these positions that do NOTHING to help improve her poor self esteem instead of embarrassing her like this

eoliveson answered:

The entire stretch mark video bothered me…


He made it seem like he was a saint for telling the world “yeah, I love her even if she has these.” Like, he deserves a pat on the back. It didn’t come off sweet and loving to me at all.



Anyone else remember the video where she was doing gymnastics and he highlighted all her wipe outs with crashing sound effects? Who embarrasses their wife like that? Oh yeah he does all the time